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As the weather begins to warm, students increasingly turn to cycling and scooting as reliable, fun, and convenient ways to navigate campus.

While UK is both bikeable and e-scooter friendly, it’s important to follow established safety protocols while riding in this busy environment. Safety guidelines go well beyond proper riding etiquette and can make a significant difference in your personal safety.

Below are some guidelines:

  • Always yield to pedestrians. Slow down and scoot over to pass someone on foot and give audible warning. Dismount to pass when sidewalks are crowded or narrow.
  • Don’t ride against the direction of traffic and obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Remember that bikes and e-scooters are prohibited on elevated pedestrian walkways and inside buildings.
  • Racing, stunt, or trick riding is prohibited on campus.
  • Use front and rear lights at night or in low-visibility conditions. Bright or reflective clothing is also recommended, as are helmets and other safety gear.
  • Be predictable. Make eye contact with motorists and use hand signals to indicate your intentions.
  • UK has a formal policy outlining correct usage and the University’s expectations, so take a few minutes to read the policy and to also review our safety and resources information

Please also remember that both e-scooters and bicycles must be parked appropriately when your ride is finished. Bike racks are provided all over campus for this purpose, or bikes and e-scooters can be placed upright in a shared mobility area. Don’t hamper access to buildings or sidewalks and don’t leave e-scooters in parking lots where they can interfere with motor vehicle traffic.

 A map outlining all bike rack locations can be found here.

 Enjoy the ride, just make sure you’re staying safe at the same time!

E-Scooter Safety Tips

Callie Brown