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Student putting bike on bike rack on UK Bus

Riding the bus routes anywhere in the City of Lexington is free for UK students and employees – simply show your UK ID to the bus driver as you board.

All UK and Lextran buses are equipped to carry two bicycles at a time. The bike racks are easy to use and have bold yellow instructions printed on them to instruct new users.

Steps for Loading Your Bike on a Bus:

  1. Grab the handle in the center of the rack and pull it down so it is parallel to the ground.
  2. Pick up your bicycle and place the front wheel in the rack where indicated. Always place your bicycle in the available rack nearest to the front of the bus, to allow for other cyclists who may board after you to load their bike more easily.
  3. Grab the lever near the base of your front wheel and pull it out and then up over the highest portion of your wheel, as close to the fork as possible. It will fit over your fenders. This is what holds your bicycle in place.
  4. All done! Climb aboard the bus.
  5. When you exit the bus, be sure to remind the driver you will be getting your bicycle off the front, and then fold the rack against the bus so that it is vertical again before you walk away.

While simple to use, we understand that this process can be intimidating for first-timers. Stop by Wildcat Wheels to practice on a stationary bus rack!