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Many students, staff and faculty like the convenience that e-scooters provide as a quick, efficient mode of transportation. As a result, they've become popular over the past few years.

When riding on campus, e-scooters and other personal mobility vehicles should be operated in much the same way as a bicycle. Like bicycles, e-scooters must be parked at either a bike rack or in a shared mobility area. They should not hamper ingress or egress to buildings or accessibility to sidewalks. Shared mobility areas on campus are identified by the following signage:

Shared Mobility Sign

Bike racks are provided at nearly every building and covered parking is available in many areas. Please see this map to locate bike and e-scooter parking nearest to your location. If you notice a need for more parking in a particular area, submit a request via our Bike Rack Request Form.

Enjoy the ride! But please be aware that e-scooters parked anywhere other than at a bike rack or in a shared mobility area on campus are subject to impoundment. They're also prohibited in buildings and on elevated pedestrian walkways.

Bird E-Scooters

The University has chosen Bird as its preferred e-scooter vendor, which means that the company deploys and redistributes the e-scooters on campus. Birds are a cost-effective mode of transportation; at $1 to unlock, plus 39¢ per minute.

How to Use:

To use a Bird vehicle, download the app on your phone. The map will show you a pin for every e-scooter available in your area, so you can navigate to the one closest to your location. When standing next to a Bird vehicle you want to use, simply open the app and scan the QR code on the vehicle to unlock it, then follow the app’s instructions as prompted.

Be sure to park your e-scooter at a bike rack when your ride is complete. Please ride safely!

Report a Problem:

Do you see a Bird e-scooter that is damaged or improperly parked on campus? You can easily report it using the Bird app! Once you open the app, click on the triangle icon with the exclamation point in the lower left corner of the screen. You can then choose the specific issue and report it to Bird to be addressed. Bird reps can contact the rider who caused the problem to issue a warning or fine.

Follow the steps below:

Bird Reporting Screenshot

Step 1

Reporting a Bird

Step 2

Reporting a Bird

Step 3