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Motorcycle PermitTiles

Motorcycles and motor scooters are popular commuter options on UK's campus.

If you choose to travel this way, please take a moment to become familiar with the University's Vehicle Parking & Permit Regulations. Motorcycles and motor scooters cannot be operated on University pedestrian walkways or sidewalks, within campus buildings or other areas where prohibited by law, regulations or signs.

Motorcycle/Motor Scooter Parking

In order to park your motorcycle or motor scooter on campus, you must have a valid parking permit, which authorizes parking only in designated motorcycle or motor scooter parking areas. These areas are conveniently located throughout campus and are marked by the presence of signage, green lines or both. Motorcycles and motor scooters may also park in paid metered spaces, but they cannot be parked at bicycle racks. 

They may only enter and exit parking structures with designated motorcycle permit parking, and must utilize gate-controlled lots or garages through the designated motorcycle lane.

Motorcycle / Motor Scooter Parking Permits

Motorcycle and motor scooter owners must either purchase a motorcycle/motor scooter (M) permit or have a valid E, R, C, K or Off-Peak permit to be able to park on campus in designated motorcycle/motor scooter parking spaces or areas. Owners must adhere their M permit in a visible location near the rear of the vehicle, or suspend their M, E, C, R, K or Off-Peak permit from the handlebars or frame.

First-time M permit registrants must register their vehicle in person at the Transportation Services office, located in the Press Avenue Garage, 721 Press Avenue. Those seeking a motorcycle permit for the first time should call the office at 859-257-5757 to ensure that their permit will be ready for pick-up when they arrive.

Only renewals are available online.


2023-2024 Annual Price (based on 8 months): $112