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BE SAFE! Obey all traffic signs and signals


BE ALERT! Don't drive distracted or impaired


BE VISIBLE! Use front & rear lights in low-visibility conditions


BE PREDICTABLE! Let motorists know your intentions, use signals

The safety of students, staff and faculty is a top priority at the University of Kentucky. As a result, e-scooter riders on campus are asked to follow many of the same rules as cyclists.

E-Scooter Rider

Like any mode of transportation, it’s your responsibility to know the rules of the road and use caution when interacting with other bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorized vehicles. The University of Kentucky has approved a Motorized Personal Mobility Vehicle Use Policy to ensure that bicycles, e-scooters, skateboards, segways, and other motorized personal transportation devices operate safely on campus.

E-Scooter Riders

See below for details about how to enjoy your e-scooter and stay safe at the same time.

  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. Stop at stop signs and red lights, just like you would if you were driving a car.
  • Go with the flow. Never ride against the direction of traffic.
  • Plan your route: Use the bike lane if one is available, or ride in the right 1/3 of the right-most lane if there isn’t a bike lane. Ride in the center of the lane on roads with sharrow markings.
  • Use front and rear lights at night or in low-visibility conditions. Bright or reflective clothing is recommended, as are helmets and other safety gear.
  • Be predictable. Make eye contact with motorists, and use hand signals to indicate your intentions.
  • Always yield to pedestrians: Slow down and scoot over to pass someone on foot, and give audible warning. Dismount to pass when sidewalks are crowded or narrow.
  • Personal vehicles are to be used for mobility purposes only: Racing, stunt, and trick riding are prohibited.
  • Personal mobility vehicles not certified by the Underwriters Lab (UL) are prohibited on University property:  E-bikes, e-scooters, and other personal vehicles requiring electrical charging must meet electrical safety standards set forth by the UL and must be certified as UL Listed.
  • Ride only on paved surfaces. Don’t take shortcuts through the grass.