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The UK Pedestrian Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students and is chaired by the director of UK Transportation Services. The committee has four primary goals:

  • Bring together diverse campus administrators to address pedestrian conditions on campus;
  • Provide a forum for feedback on pedestrian-related issues;
  • Increase the viability and safety of walking as a form of campus mobility; and
  • Establish a dedicated funding source for pedestrian education and infrastructure improvements.
Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members  Office/Department
Lance Broeking, Chair Transportation Services
Sam Burchett Transportation Services
Ashley Hinton Student Wellness
Jody Ensman Health & Wellness
Shane Tedder Office of Sustainability
Lee Poore Occupational Health & Safety
Greg Davis Faculty
Warren Denny University Architect
Tim Armstrong Planning Design & Construction
Todd Adkins Risk Management
Maureen Dreckman Landscape Architect