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The University has a wide range of commercial and private non-university vehicles which require access to campus for a variety of necessary sales, service, maintenance and delivery functions.

All vehicles operating on campus are expected to park in accordance with University regulations.  In general, these regulations require that vehicles park in designated areas, display valid parking permits and pay for parking as appropriate.  Vehicles parked in violation of University regulations are subject to parking enforcement and the application of associated fines.

The University has established parking options to meet the unique needs of these special non-University entities.  Sales, service, maintenance and delivery service providers should review the below parking options and choose the one which best serves their specific campus access needs.

Please note that service, delivery and vendor parking is prohibited in the Kentucky Clinic Garage, Markey Cancer Center Lot, and passenger drop-off areas in front of Kentucky Clinic, Pavilion A, Pavilion H and Markey Cancer Center.

Construction-related employees are not covered under service and vendor parking and should contact their project manager to arrange for parking permits.

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No Permit Option:

Typical Use:

  • Requires marked commercial or delivery vehicle
  • Parking for up to 15 minutes at any one-stop
  • Driver typically stays with or near vehicle

Recommended User Examples:

  • Marked commercial delivery vehicles
  • Marked food service delivery vehicles

Cost:  No cost

Parking Options:
Up to 15 minutes at loading zones**
Up to 15 minutes at on-street meters without the requirement to pay

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Courier Permit Option: (Requires University administrative approval)

Typical Use: 

  • Restricted to individualized messenger or delivery services providing urgent or critical documents or small packages and requiring brief (less than 15 minutes) access.

Recommended User Examples:

  • University contracted courier services
  • Commercial courier services

Cost: Permits issued at no cost

Parking Options: (permit must be displayed)

  • Less than 30 minutes:  UKHC Vendor Lot in designated Courier spaces
  • Additional courier parking is located in UKHC garages (PS #8, PS #3 & GSH). Payment is required upon exit

Contact Information for Courier Permits:  Michael Scales @ 859-218-3446

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Service Permit Option: (requires University administrative approval)

Typical Use:

  • Commercial service and maintenance contractors and vendors
  • Parking for up to 2 hours at any one location
  • Delivery or courier services requiring longer than 15 minutes at any one-stop

Recommended User Examples:

  • Facility maintenance and repair
  • Medical equipment maintenance and repair
  • Commercial catering
  • Unmarked delivery, food service, and courier vehicles


  • Annual permits are available for those requiring ongoing service access ($504 per year*)
  • Monthly permits are available for those requiring short-term access ($42 per month*)
  • Daily permit available for infrequent users ($4.25 each*)

Parking Options: (permit must be displayed)

  • Up to 15 minutes at loading zones**
  • Up to 2 hours at service areas***
  • Periphery (K and EK) lots

Contact Information for Service Permits: UK Transportation Services @ 859-257-5757

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Vendor Permit Option: (requires Transportation Services' approval)

Typical Use:

  • Hospital and medical sales and service providers
  • Hospital and medical service and maintenance contractors
  • UK HealthCare vendors and commercial partners

Recommended User Examples:

  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Medical equipment, instruments and device sales and service
  • Business and technology consultants

Cost: Authorized paid hourly parking in designated areas

  • A flat rate of $756.00 
  • * Daily Scratch-off Permits: $6.50

Parking Options: (permit must be displayed)

  • UKHC Garage (PS #8 level F) (payment required upon exit)
  • Kentucky Clinic Garage (PS #3 level 6) (payment required upon exit)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Garage (PS #4 level H)

Requires Application for Permit
An application must be completed to receive a vendor permit. The application is available here.

Contact Information for Vendor Permits:
UK Transportation Services @ 859-257-5757

* Parking Rates are subject to change annually

** Loading zones are defined by signs, yellow and black striped curbs/stalls, or both. Use of freight docks is prohibited unless operating qualified commercial delivery and approved for use.

***Service areas are defined by signs, yellow and white striped curbs/stalls, or both.