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The University of Kentucky provides Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible parking spaces specifically designated for use by those who are mobility-impaired and who meet the criteria set forth in KRS 186.042. These spaces are clearly marked with the universal symbol for ADA accessible areas. 

There are two types of ADA accessible parking spaces on campus:

  1. ADA accessible parking spaces reserved for UK employees, students, and affiliates who have a  UK ADA Accessible Parking Permit. The state permit or plate alone does not satisfy the requirement to park in these spaces, which are designated with signs stating "UK Permit Required" (or similar wording).
  2. ADA accessible parking spaces reserved for visitors to campus. Most of these spaces are located in UK Healthcare parking areas and are restricted to qualified patients and patient visitors. The state permit or plate must be displayed to park in visitor ADA accessible parking spaces, as UK ADA accessible parking permits alone do not satisfy the requirements for these spaces. It's also important to note that parking in patient and visitor ADA accessible parking areas while attending class or working in an official capacity is strictly prohibited. 

Application Process

UK students and employees with disabilities who wish to park in UK ADA accessible spaces on campus must apply for a UK ADA Accessible Parking Permit. BCTC employees and students, Veterans Administration employees, and others who are eligible for UK employee permits may also apply.

  1. Applicants should complete the UK ADA Accessible Parking Permit Application in its entirety. Please contact UK Transportation Services at 859-257-5757 if you have questions. Our staff can also provide a temporary ADA accessible permit while your permanent form is being processed. If you already have a parking permit, the temporary permit is free; otherwise, the temporary permit cost applies.
  2. The applicant must complete page one of the form, and the physician must complete page two. Please follow the instructions carefully, as incomplete submissions may be disqualified.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documentation to UK Transportation Services. Return information is located on the application.
  4. UK's Accessible Parking Application Review Committee will review your application.
  5. You will be contacted by Transportation Services with the committee’s decision.
  6. If approved, your permit will be issued at the Transportation Services office for the duration of the disability, for the semester, or for the permit year, as determined by the committee. The cost of the permit is determined by the area for which you qualify.

Temporary Disabilities

If you have a temporary disability or medical condition of less than one month duration and think that you legitimately qualify for a temporary ADA accesible permit, please contact Transportation Services for more information.

ADA Accessible Parking Locations

ADA accessible parking spaces are located in lots and structures throughout campus and are controlled for permits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UK issued ADA accessible parking permit holders are authorized to park in any ADA or regular parking space in employee-intermediate (E) and employee/student-periphery (K & EK) parking lots or structures.

ADA accessible permit holders are not authorized to park in residential (R) lots or other core lot spaces unless those spaces are designated ADA accessible. In addition, ADA accessible permit holders are not authorized to park in reserved lots unless they have an ADA accessible permit specifically authorized for that lot.

An ADA accessible parking permit does not entitle the permit holder to park in violation of the UK Vehicle Parking and Permit Regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, spaces otherwise restricted by special signs or curb paint. Vehicles parking in violation are subject to citation and/or impoundment at the owner's expense. 

If you find that ADA accessible parking near your place of business is consistently full or if there are none conveniently located, please contact us to let us know.

Additional Considerations

The use of an ADA accessible permit by someone other than the person listed on the Transportation Services permit application may result in a citation, impoundment, and/or termination of the permit privileges.

If a student or employee with disabilities rides to campus with another person, the ADA accessible permit may be used in an ADA accessible space only when the person with the disability is present. For example, if the individual with disabilities is dropped off prior to parking the vehicle and the other occupant parks the vehicle, he/she may not utilize an ADA accessible space but must park in any regular parking space.

Additional Accommodations

UK students who require other non-parking related accommodations associated with attending classes should contact the UK Disability Resource Center.

UK employees who require other accommodations associated with working on campus should contact the UK Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity.

If you are neither a UK student or employee, but are eligible for a UK parking permit, please contact Transportation Services at 859-257-5757 if additional accommodations are needed.