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Transportation Services offers an off-peak parking permit for students and employees who only require access to campus after 3:30 p.m. 

Off-peak permits provide the permit holder with convenient access to campus during periods of low parking demand at a steeply discounted rate. Off-peak parking is ideal for those who live along a Lextran bus route or within walking or biking distance from campus but prefer to drive to campus in the evening, or for students who are enrolled exclusively in late afternoon or evening classes.


All full and part-time UK employees, UK students and BCTC students are eligible to purchase off-peak parking permits.


2024-2025 Annual Price (based on 8 months): $168

Off-peak permits are available by the semester or by the academic year. Full academic year off-peak permits are valid the first day of classes through the end of the academic year.

Single semester permits are valid for an entire semester, based upon the start and end dates.

Individuals who no longer need or desire off-peak parking during any portion of the year may choose to return their permit to Transportation Services and will be given a pro-rated refund of any unused portion.

Parking Locations

Off-peak parking is available in a variety of designated campus parking garages, lots and areas. Visit the off-peak parking map for details regarding specific parking areas accessible with off-peak permits.

Parking Privileges and Control Hours

Off-peak permits are authorized for use in most employee intermediate parking areas after 3:30 p.m. and in most employee core areas after 5 p.m. See our maps page for details on parking areas and times accessible by off-peak permits. Signage at the entry to parking areas and any additional control signage, curb markings and other parking control devices within these areas take precedence over maps and general campus information.

Purchase Process and Calendar

Off-peak permits are available for purchase year-round by calling the Transportation Services' customer care center at 859-257-5757 or purchasing online