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Conn Terrace

Work planned on Elizabeth Street and Conn Terrace will impact motorist and pedestrian access in these areas starting as early as Monday, June 24. 

Elizabeth Street is scheduled to close to thru traffic beginning June 24 for work associated with the new Cancer and Advanced Ambulatory Center.

Local access on Elizabeth Street will be provided only for residential driveways which currently use that street for access. A pedestrian walkway will be maintained in the area but should be primarily used by residents of the surrounding subdivision. All other pedestrians should consider using existing sidewalks on Transcript Avenue.

Elizabeth Street north of Conn Terrace is scheduled to reopen during the last quarter of this year.  In addition, Conn Terrace will close to thru traffic beginning June 24 to allow for Columbia Gas utility work. This closure will take place from Elizabeth Street east to the UK HealthCare Garage. Existing exits from the garage will remain accessible, but traffic will only be able to exit toward South Limestone.

Conn Terrace is expected to be closed for approximately four weeks. UK HealthCare reserved permit holders will not be able to use Conn Terrace to access the reserved parking area for the UK HealthCare Garage or the Shriner’s Hospital drop-off area. During this time, E8 parking permit holders must access the garage via the Transcript Avenue entrance.